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Education Solutions

Hilco Receivables has been helping hundreds of institutions and fortune 500 companies in buying, valuing and servicing Accounts Receivable portfolios for many years. In fact, we have developed a unique platform of solutions tailored towards the higher education marketplace. We know that many colleges and universities are searching for ways to increase revenue without resorting to increasing tuition or fees.  By working closely with the Hilco Receivables team we will develop a targeted program to make significant progress on collecting these outstanding debts.


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Industry Associations

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Hilco Receivables

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

Hilco Receivables LLC is a firm with the experience and capital to stay on the forefront of the Accounts Receivable Management industry. Headquartered in Northbrook, IL, Hilco Receivables provides unique and creative financial solutions to benefit our clients without complications or unnecessary delays. With years of industry tenure shared by our executives, Hilco Receivables has the experience serving clients ranging from small privately held organizations to North America's largest institutional banks.

Hilco Receivables, LLC is U.S. - E.U. Safe Harbor Compliant.

Hilco Receivables is a member in good standing with the following associations:

  • Receivables Management Association International (RMA)
  • Credit Services Association (CSA)
  • Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA)

We invite you to learn more about Hilco Receivables and our management team. For any questions of how we can be of service, feel free to contact us directly.