We have been helping institutions like yours and hundreds of fortune 500 companies in buying, valuing and servicing Accounts Receivable portfolios for many years. In fact, we have developed a unique platform of solutions tailored towards the higher education marketplace and I would love to share our thoughts on how we can help you with your needs.

We know that many colleges and universities are searching for ways to increase revenue without resorting to increasing tuition or fees.  By working closely with the Hilco Receivables, LLC team we will develop a targeted program to make significant progress on collecting these outstanding debts. 

Our team of A/R professionals excels in monetizing assets immediately very often using our own capital. This means we can quickly purchase your delinquent signature loan portfolios as well as NSF checks, installment agreements, emergency loans and tuition in order to help you improve your balance sheet. 

With our deep understanding and in-market experience combined with our superior technology, we can deliver an effective program for the collection of accounts receivable due to Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges, Junior Colleges, etc.

  • Experienced Team With Knowledge of Higher Education Segment:

    Our team of A/R professionals have extensive experience solving A/R problems in the most complex situations and we understand the collection standards outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and all applicable state laws.

  • Managing Your Brand Reputation in the Marketplace:

    We have the utmost sensitivity to your ongoing relationship with your alumni and have a proven track record when it comes to rigorously complying with all rules and regulations governing the industry. In our experiences with retail, corporate and financial institution portfolios, we have always demonstrated our brand awareness and care for partners’ reputations when interacting with account holders throughout the recovery process

  • Increased Resolution of Delinquent Accounts

    Hilco Receivables, LLC approach to the Higher Education marketplace addresses all debts by collecting the amounts due or reducing the backlog of unpaid accounts by resolving inaccuracies in the records.

  • Unique Verification or Identification of Student Addresses:

    We utilize a unique process locates students who are, in turn, notified of any outstanding debt by letter and telephone


At Hilco Receivables, LLC, we value what you value: Maximum and fast liquidity with attention to your brand and reputation.