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Hilco and Del Monte Partner on Deal for Sager Creek

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Problem to Resolve

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Sager Creek Vegetable Company produced and marketed processed vegetable products under many brand names including Popeyes and Freshlike.

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In 2013, needing to reorganize and rebuild, Sager Creek filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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Sager Creek entered discussions with Del Monte and considered selling its business.

Solution We Delivered

Hilco Receivables, LLC was brought in by Sager Creek's investment banker and expedited the sale.

Purchased Existing Accounts Receivable
Provided Quality Customer Service

Hilco Receivables, LLC partnered with Del Monte by purchasing Sager Creek's then existing accounts receivable while Del Monte purchased the remainder of the Sager Creek business.

By acting quickly, Hilco Receivables, LLC provided more than the needed capital to facilitate the transaction on an expedited basis. Del Monte trusted Hilco Receivables, LLC to treat its customers with the same concern in collecting accounts as Del Monte would treat such customers. In moving quickly and providing quality customer service, Hilco Receivables, LLC helped Del Monte consummate this important transaction.

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