Jay Stone

Jay Stone

Chief Executive Officer
Hilco Receivables, LLC


Serving as CEO of Hilco Receivables, LLC, Jay Stone is recognized as one of the foremost experts in the Accounts Receivable industry.  For over twenty years Jay has developed an in-depth knowledge of A/R management Analysis and Risk Assessment, Portfolio Purchasing and Liquidation, B2B Debt Collection, Debt Purchase, Call Center Operations, International Debt Recovery, and more.  Jay’s visionary leadership, operational experience and analytical expertise have resulted in exceptional performance for his customers over the years.  In his current role Jay is responsible for overseeing all business functions required to manage principle investments totaling over $500 million, $10 Billion in assets acquired and over $400 million of purchased and fee based commercial receivables. 

Jay rejoined the Hilco Global organization in January of 2013 having previously served as EVP of Hilco Receivables, LLC between 2001 and 2007.  During that time, Jay also served as President of APEX Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilco Receivables, LLC and one of the leading companies in the ARM space.  Over those seven years Jay successfully built the Hilco Receivables, LLC business into one of the largest and most recognized A/R firms in the country with over 300 employees and $3 billion under management.  Ultimately, Jay’s leadership and hard work resulted in the successful sale of the business to Goldman Sachs, where he continued to run the company until 2007.  Prior to his return to the Hilco Global organization, Jay was the founder and principal at Steamboat Partners LLC for five years, where he again built a robust A/R practice bring on clients like Wells Fargo, GE and Citibank. 

Prior to 2001, Jay served as a Major Account Manager for Van Ru Credit Corp from 1999 to 2001.  While at Van Ru Credit, Jay was responsible for adding clients such as Sears, First USA, and other retail, financial, and educational institutions.  Prior to his work at Van Ru Credit, Jay was the Director of Sales for Abacus Financial Management.  Jay began working in the A/R industry in 1993.  

As those that know Jay will attest, he is an innovator delivering new ideas and strategies that consistently deliver results superior to the competition.