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Hilco Receivables

Specializing in portfolio recovery services, Hilco Receivables, LLC provides unique and creative financial solutions to benefit its clients. Learn More 

Who We Are

With over 40+ years of experience, we are a leader in the account receivables industry and deliver portfolio recovery solutions across all types of sectors.

What We Do

We develop innovative and successful collections techniques focusing on commercial trade receivables, including performing retail and non-performing commercial debt portfolios.

How We Do It

Offering a customized approach suited to your specific needs, we can outright purchase receivables, purchase with an upside share or a fee based proposal.


Jay Stone, Hilco Receivables CEO

Jay Stone - Chief Executive Officer

Jay Stone currently serves as CEO of Hilco Receivables, LLC bringing over 20 years of knowledge of A/R management Analysis and Risk Assessment, Portfolio Purchasing and Liquidation, B2B Debt Collection, Debt Purchase, Call Center Operations, International Debt Recovery, and more to this role. Prior to joining Hilco, Jay served as a Major Account Manager for Van Ru Credit Corp from 1999 to 2001. While at Van Ru Credit, Jay was responsible for adding clients such as Sears, First USA, and other retail, financial, and educational institutions 

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Hilco Receivables, LLC provides consumer and commercial trade receivables debt monetization and valuation services, including underperforming or non-performing portfolio recovery services. Hilco Receivables, LLC can acquire debt using its own capital or can readily structure a contingency fee transaction that maximizes value for a client and best serves its business objectives.

Hilco Receivables, LLC leadership has decades of experience in collecting virtually every category of consumer and commercial debt in North America and Europe. As such, it understands and rigorously complies with all sovereign laws and industry standards (i.e. health care HIPAA regulations) as well as debt collection industry best practices pertaining to the collection process, thereby ensuring clients of trouble-free transactions.

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Visit Hilco Global to discover the full array of valuation, monetization and advisory business solutions.

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